Thursday, October 06, 2011


Back in the summer of 2005 i interned up at Pixar on W.A.L.L.-E.
I didn't really do any production work, but i got to sit in on story meetings and that was an education in itself. I was only 19 and had just finished my sophomore year of college so i spent most of my time feeling like a freshly hatched scared baby chicklette, but i had a lot of really great experiences that summer and met some really amazing people, many of whom i still see around.

Recent events stirred up something that happened that summer i'd almost completely forgotten about:
One day i was hanging out with the some of the story guys* in the WALL-E pod. I don't remember who all was there exactly. They were cleaning out the mini fridge and there were some beers left, so they decided to finish them off. So now we were all lounging around, middle of the afternoon, drinking beers (except for me, i hadn't really developed a taste for beer yet, and i was only 19 besides) when Steve Jobs walked by:

I remember there being some speculation as to what the majority shareholder of the studio would have to say about his employees (and intern) lying around drinking in the middle of the work day, but as he walked by he smiled and waved at us and actually seemed too happy to be there to really care. I have since learned (with gusto) that drinking on the job is quite per the norm at animation studios so in retrospect i'm sure he never gave it a second thought.

I don't have a lot else to say about Steve Jobs. He helped revolutionize the technology industry as we know it, to be sure, but you read things and you hear things and it's clear the man wasn't exactly a saint. Still (as i type this on my MacBook Pro), he inspired a lot of people and certainly invested a lot in the industry that i'm fortunate enough to be employed by, so Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.

* and i do mean story Guys, there were no girl artists on that crew, or any crew if i remember correctly, with the exception of Brenda Chapman.


*daisy said...

cute cartoon and lovely story :) Ah, if animation has taught me nothing, it's that we artists love our booze
; D

Heather Dixon said...

Love it. (It would have totally freaked me out, for being 19 you took it pretty chill ^_^)

On a completely unrelated note, I keep getting hits to my blog from people searching "Lissa Treiman Lady Gaga"...I don't know why. But now I really want to see a Lady Gaga post.

Lissa said...

Heather: That's super weird! I'm sure i'll draw Gaga at some point in time ;)

lostsailors said...

This was a really nice post. I remember when you had that internship. I can't believe it was that long ago, it seriously feels like yesterday.

Omg, above. I think I remember you drawing a Lady Gaga picture! She was in black and had her little claw hands.

chibiaion said...

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Kial said...

He wore turtlenecks a lot, apparently. lol

Nick said...

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