Thursday, March 07, 2013

I'm The Art Show, Deal With It!"

There are so many gallery shows happening right now! It can be stressful but i'm SO happy to be a part of so many of them. The Ladies of Animation Show has been extended and is still running for another week, i was in a Star Trek tribute show at Q-Pop that seemed to come and go WAY too quickly (i neglected it here on the blog, make-up post to follow), and up next i'm excited to be a part of a Legend of Korra tribute show! I'm a HUGE fan of the original Avatar series and love watching them expand that world. So here's a preview of my piece for "I'm the Art Show, Deal With It!" hosted by PixelDrip.

(And yes, there is more to the piece than what's here!) Ticketing info for the show can be found at the gallery link above. Somewhat more practical info can be found in this blog post by show creator Bryan Konietzko (and also features a show pieces from the dangerously talented Claire Hummel)