Sunday, March 22, 2009


I usually try and avoid posting coffee-shop drawings (largely because mine aren't terribly interesting) but i was hanging out at a place in Burbank this weekend and i kinda liked the look of this page. When i'm not too lazy i try and really get not just gesture or charicature (i really only rarely attempt the latter anyway) but also the way people fit in their environments. Next step is finding compositions within real life settings. Steve's already got a solid handle on that one.
So yeah, coffee people and a doodle of some weird cats.

... i guess you can have more weird cats...

and lastly:
i made myself pancakes for dinner and i am SO PROUD. they're a work of art if i do say so myself. made from scratch! with nutmeg, vanilla and lots of butter. none of this Crisco business, thank you much.

with fresh strawberries! my finest work.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. patty's day!

Nicole posted a St. Patrick's Day challenge on her blog. I solved it, but... there were more problems.

Did everyone enjoy their corned beef and cabbage?

Day... 18? 19? : Sheeping

I've been really bad about this daily updating. really, really bad. i'd make some excuse about how "i've been tired" or "i've been busy", "i had a headache", "i... just didn't feel like it", but ... well, look at that, four perfectly good excuses!

A while back i had an idea for a comic about a little shepherd who meets another shepherd who has a flock of weird not-sheep.
I stopped working on it because i couldn't think of anything that hadn't already been done.

But i was doodling today (not for Torch Tiger, of course, but for this which is totally irrelevant and doesn't have a pressing deadline) and i came up with an idea. It's a bit... cuter than what i originally wanted to do, but who am i to tell an idea it's wrong when it decides to visit me?

If i'm good there will be at least one St. Patrick's Day themed post before i go to bed! If i'm bad then... i guess there won't be :)

I also need to update my links on the side there. So many more to add! that's not going to happen now, though. i'm going to need to be WAY less lazy to do that.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

day 10, but who's counting?

So Nicole was taking requests for blog topics for a little while. I asked her if she had to choose, would she rather have a cat with two heads or two butts. She asked me to post my choice.

(hehe, Pen did a drawing too!)

i've been dropping the ball big time on this drawing a day thing (thank you, jen). Gotta try and step it up.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

day.... 4, 5, 6 and 7

Saturday (sarah informed me that i can skip sundays!), monday, tuesday and wednesday (today).
I figure that if i post a lot of extra drawings it'll all even out and still totally count. So here goes. in no particular order:

I bought rhubarb the other day so jason could make a pie. it's such a funny sounding... vegetable? and i can't imagine that people buy it too often, so when the chick at Whole Foods double-checked with me what it was i was pretty enthusiastic.

I was drawing this mermaid today. She's chillin' out with some little ghost guys.

One of those moments where you outrun stressors, but then they catch up to you!

And lastly, these are two pages of pencil roughs for my Torch Tiger story. I've scanned them pretty small and posted them backwards (all davinci style!) to help preserve an air of mystery! These pages might wind up getting cut anyway. Can you tell what's going on in the panels? Neither can i!

"Why bother posting something that you don't intend anyone to decipher?" you might be thinking? Well THAT, my friends, is the greatest mystery of all.