Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Scarf Cat and Wolf Girl

We had our Winter Micro Gallery show at work earlier this week. There were holiday themed decorations and treats! Oh yeah, and art.
I did these! First, it's Quincy in winter gear!

He doesn't actually have winter gear because he doesn't need it in LA. Also he's got layers of fat. I don't think he'd be too thrilled about it anyway.

This second one happened because i've been reading a lot of Song of Ice and Fire (currently on Storm of Swords), although this isn't supposed to be any character in particular. But hey, what's more wintery than Winterfell?:

Thought i'd post some process stuff for this, cause i actually like it :)
Here's my mock-up sketch, plus a practice wolf drawing. I have learned... that wolves are fluffy.

I sometimes wind up taking photos of my paintings as i do them, mostly because i think paint set-ups look really cool and there's something about seeing a painting in the context of colorful splattered paint palettes. In this case i also wanted to get pictures of the ink work before i painted it (i was too lazy to scan it).

I've started to get into Paul Pope's work. I've got a couple of his comics that i need to start reading, but mostly i love the way he draws. It's really raw-looking inky brush lines, but he's got amazing control with it and knows how to throw in just the right amount of detail. So i've been playing with that, trying to get better with a brush pen. If nothing else it's a lot of fun... and is teaching me patience, waiting for ink to dry.

And the finished version (ooooh aaaaah)

Thursday, December 08, 2011


The other day i was sitting in a meeting and thought about this.

Now you're thinking about it too >:)

Thursday, December 01, 2011


Some Thanksgiving comics, only about a week late!
I really love thanksgiving. The food is good, and genuinely enjoy coming home and seeing my family. So i'd have to say i'm generally thankful (not just one day, but year-round) for all that and more.

First, mom stories:

And then she pretty much told me it was time to go home. My mom might have some regrets.

The Morning After Thanksgiving stories:

They really only gave me about half a pie to take home, but i did eat all of that by myself over the course of a few hours, starting first thing in the morning.

I am always thankful for pumpkin pie :)