Wednesday, January 27, 2010


When i got a cat, i swore i wouldn't become one of those people who talked about their cat all time and did drawings of "this funny thing my cat did", because really all cats do the same funny cat things. But it's inevitable, i'm just going to embrace it.
My cat is actually really big.

ALSO, just fyi, two of the copies of Torch Tiger i donated to the Girls Drawin' Girls Haiti Relief Auction" have sold! That means there are two copies left! Get 'em while the gettin's good!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiti relief fund - Torch Tiger

No art with this post, just a heads up that i've donated four copies of "What is Torch Tiger" (one of them signed by everyone!) to the Haiti Relief Drive Girls Drawin' Girls is running. Suggested donation is $40 for the ONE SIGNED COPY, $20 for each standard copy (standard copies will be signed by just me, but who really wants that, right?). $6 for shipping, all proceeds go to the American Red Cross.
If you couldn't make it to Comic-Con this is a good chance to snag a copy AND help a worthy cause!

[EDIT: added some art because the post looked naked]

Friday, January 22, 2010


Had some Lady Gaga stuck in my head today, so i doodled...

Yeah, Lady Gaga, man. Say what you want about her, but the lady is a total entertainer. She's a real contemporary diva. I watched the 'Bad Romance' music video recently and i think it made me a fan.

There's some wicked cool imagery in here, almost reminiscent of dark 80's scifi glam. I'll take this over a music video that's just shots of the band playing in a field somewhere any day. She does some really cool things with her hands in here too. i catch myself trying to do the same jerky finger movements, but my hands are kind of stumpy :)

Also posted over at Girls Drawin' Girls as part of a "100 Ladies in 100 Days" project some of us are participating in. 100 ladies each. This was #9 for me, so... i'm a little behind.
GDG is also hosting a Haiti Relief Art Sale. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross. If you're interested in seeing what's for sale, hop on over! If you're interested in donating any of your art to the sale, ALL art is welcome; any subject matter, from ANYONE. Details at the link.


when i get frustrated in meetings i draw koalas. this one started out with just one baby.