Thursday, December 31, 2009


This completely slipped my mind until now. Our Micro Gallery at work had a show right before the holidays! The theme was 'winter'. Here's the piece i did for it:

The rough edges of the painting are cropped by the matting in the frame, but i like the look of them.

Here's some of the concept sketches i did. normally my concept stuff isn't much to look at, but i liked these early things (not included: a bajillion practice drawings of bears):

Afghan! The musical?

Not really art, but in the absence of anything else i thought i'd share. My roomie got me a big fat crochet hook for Hanukkah, which inspired me to take all the leftover yarn that i've been accumulating and make a big afghan! i made it circular, just because i can.

Weird picture of me, but i'm there for scale. That's the thing behind me, folded in half over the couch.

It's a good size, but it's an odd shape. The nice thing about making a blanket in cold weather is that it keeps you warm while you're making it :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Just a jewish girl on xmas

I didn't get around to doing a Hanukkah comic this year, so i did a Christmas comic, why not? This is what good little Jewish kids get xmas morning.

I tried making sugar cookies last night, and they turned into Tasty Butter Lumps. each one is a heart attack waiting to happen, but i just keep eating them.
Sorry for the bad scan, that one spot on my scanner seemed determined to be blurry and who was i to tell it to conform?
I also... don't know any korean and just kind of had to... wing it for that word balloon, so... apologies there as well.

As the fine folks at Penny Arcade put it, "I hope that whatever phenomenon best epitomizes your native winterfest is in plentiful supply."
Couldn't have said it better myself :)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

This saturday, Eliza Frye is hosting a Girls Drawin' Girls show at her gallery "Miss Scarlet in the Parlor".

(postcard art by me!)
All art will be $50 and under. If you're in the area and need a last minute holiday gift, swing on by!
Here's the piece that i'm selling:

It's been a while since i've sat down and done just straight-up wildlife art, so this was fun.

Come check us out!