Tuesday, August 18, 2009


This comic is based on a totally real fake argument that Jason and i frequently have about a real friend of ours. This was Jason's actual counter-argument.

Maybe now he'll get off my ass about posting this.

Sunday, August 09, 2009


This is a half-post/half-promotion for the upcoming Girls Drawing Girls show at Meltdown Comics here in L.A.! It's a pretty awesome venue, and it's the first gallery show i'll be participating in so i'm pretty excited. Come check us out if you're in the area!

Here's one of the three pieces i'll have up. They're all original watercolor and they're all for sale (shameless promotion!).

And here's a sneak peak at the other two (preserving the air of mystery!):


This post is made of koalas.
The typical cartoon koala's pretty cute. But have you ever looked at a koala? i mean really LOOKED at one? Their eyes are bizarre. They have cat eyes! Most of the eye is a warm, reddish brown, and in the middle is a black slit of a pupil.
Which is not to say koala's aren't awesome. Or even that they're not cute. They're both those things.
They're just also freakin' weird.

These koalas are angry.

These are pretty normal.

More posts coming in the near future! They may come later this week. They may come this very night! WHO KNOWS?