Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It occurs to me that something known as Hollow-Ween. I never really know what to be for halloween these days. Back in the day it was easy... Oh, that cute guy in class likes Star Wars? I'm totally going to dress up as Princess Leia! I actually tried it once, it didn't work. My awkward shyness won out in the end. My hair was long enough to make those buns, though! No wigs for me.
Anyway, in the spirit of the season, my room mates Halloween colored cats. Squash is dresses as a Squash!

Also, some dinosaurs...

Here's the same art from my last post, edited into a photo (courtesy of Corbis.com) to play around with a visual style that i wanted to try for my film. It worked pretty well, but in the end it would be far too time consuming to do for every shot. Still, here it is for your ... enjoyment.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Look at her. She's got hands. Do YOU have hands?

May be the final design for the main character of my film this year. The film itself doesn't really have much to do with hands. The main characters will have hands, but it doesn't really come up much.

And here's some life drawing! It's art that i can make without thinking about it too much :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Boob kittens and sketchbooks

One of our cats is a boob sitter and the other is a toe biter. The boob sitter is not really that particular (unfortunately, neither is the toe biter)... he'll sit on laps and stomaches. He's sitting on my lap at the moment. But boobs have been sat upon.

Critical studies classes can be kinda dull at calarts. I've been doing a lot of sketchbook drawing, which is good, but i didn't really have the opportunity to just sit and do it all summer. My sketchbook muscles have atrophied, but there's still some odd residual muscle-memory that's allowing me to keep doodlin'