Thursday, October 27, 2011


I talk to myself a lot. In private, in public, it doesn't really matter. Sometimes i'll talk out loud, sometimes i'll just gesture to myself or make weird expressions that correlate to whatever i'm thinking. Sometimes i'll do it all at once! Sometimes i'm accidentally staring straight at a stranger while i'm doing it.
I usually refer to myself by my last name.
I know i'm not the only one who does this.
So anyway...

Thank goodness for the blue-tooth talkers who make it easier for us legit nutters to hide in a crowd.

For whatever reason i was having a hard time drawing this comic. Sometimes stuff like this happens easily, sometimes i really have to work at it, and this was one of the latter times for sure. When i got really frustrated at my inability to draw something so familiar to me i drew the following, which i actually find funnier than the comic itself. But then, I'm often amused by my own "antics".


Tealin said...

Your sketchbook is so gosh-darn charming, frustration or no.

I shall go draw myself in my sketchbook getting frustrated at its inferiority to your sketchbook, and then get frustrated at how my sketchbook-self isn't nearly as charming as yours, and then eat some paper, in a baffling transcendence of the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Actually my plan is to sleep.

(Trader Joe's?)

lostsailors said...

Ommmmmg, I do all this all the time. It's really embarrassing and I don't notice I'm doing it. Sometimes it's a full blown conversation- like pauses for questions and responses. Who am I talking to? WHO IS PHONE.

I love the little frustrated paper chewing Lissa as well. So cute, haha.

Betsy Bauer said...

... I do this too. A lot. I do it in my own house a lot. I often freak out that my roommate will hear me and think that I'm possessed due to the fact that my room is often filled with what probably sound like Satanic whispers.

But yes. Great comic. I always enjoy your posts!

Lissa said...

Tealin: That's nonsense, i've seen your sketchbook self and it's awesome.
And you were close; Whole Foods.

Seema Virdi said...

LOL i love your blog, your comics are hilarious! and i am constantly making faces about whatever i'm thinking about, so i kinda feel you! haha

Anonymous said...

Is that Picard talking to his bluetooth?

Melissa Ballesteros said...

jajaja great!!! you make my day

Tony Unser said...

I feel your pain Lissa!
Such as talking to yourself AND the sudden occurance of not being able to draw what you already see in your head. We are not alone D: