Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And then everything changed.

I got a kindle for my birthday at the beginning of this month. It was supposed to be my gateway to unfettered literacy. This is what happened.

To be fair, that night i DID load it up with the first four Song of Ice and Fire books. I just finished 'Game of Thrones' not ONE HOUR before posting this and have already started 'Clash of Kings' so i've been getting some pretty good mileage on it thus far. I want to get 'American Gods' (i'm a neil gaiman fan and i've never read it) and the whole 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' series. I am hungry for words!

I have noticed that most of my journal comics involve me sitting in bed with my laptop. I really hope this isn't an accurate representation of how i spent my time...

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I've been reading Game of Thrones. It's super good, you guys. I'll be honest, i watched the show first, and it prompted me to pick up the book. So far the adaptation's been pretty faithful, with the exception of a few details. Watching it first has actually proved to be somewhat helpful; the book (and show) are initially a flood of names of people that are pretty important to get sorted out. Having gotten everyone straight in the show, i've got faces to match to names going into the book which has made things flow pretty smoothly.

I was hanging out with Emma last weekend and, watching her draw, i realized how lazy my own drawings have gotten. So when i found myself doodling Arya Stark i tried to pay attention to what i was doing and try and draw a face that didn't look like every other face i always draw. I'm not sure if i was successful. I just kind of filled a sheet of paper with a sketch-mess.

I'm drawing her too old. She's 8 in the first book (which is where i'm at) but i couldn't figure out how to make her look younger without making her look cuter, because she's not supposed to be cute.
I DID have fun drawing with what might be the best brush pen ever*? I found it laying around the story room and started doodling with it (ssssh!).

*it will never replace my pentel pocket brush.

Friday, September 02, 2011

Zombie hero

We've got a new microgallery show at work, and the theme is "Heroes and Villains". Originally it was going to happen around comic-con, but everyone's been working like crazy here so the gallery was pushed back so everyone would have time to do a piece.
I've been reading "World War Z" (which is a completely awesome book), so this is my zombie apocalypse hero.
Alternate title: "Get Away From My Dog, You Z-bag!"

I guess who the hero is and who the villain is depends on whose perspective you're seeing this through. Bear in mind, zombies have no concept of villainy, only "BRAAAINS".