Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Videos of interest

First and foremost, our Princess and the Frog teaser is now up and online!
Check it out. It's 2-D, guys!

Secondly, a totally badass ad campaign from BBC Sports for the upcoming Olympics in Beijing featuring the cast of Chen Shi-zheng, Jamie Hewlett and Damon Albarn's Monkey: Journey to the West! The animation in this is way better than anything i saw in the show. I've gotta find a way to download this:

And lastly, just because this is so freakin' wierd.
At lunch today my friend Sarah told me about this video clip of a pelican eating a pigeon.

eating a PIGEON.

apparently this happens way more often than people think? Anyway, here's the video.
[EDIT] I now feel compelled to mention that the pelican video is not only totally weird but possibly also a little disturbing. Nothing graphic or gross, just ... a tad disturbing. Consider that a heads up.


samacleod said...

Argh! That Pelican footage is so terrible! Swallowed alive! I wanted the pelican to take a gulp of water and drown the thing, wash it down, or SOMETHING! So painful. I kept waiting for the pidgeon to burst out of its neck, like Hercules vs. the Hydra.

Anne-arky said...

BBC animation - AWESOME!
Pelican + Pigeon - disturbiiingg....O_O

Thanks again for watching my crap and giving feedback! Twas super helpful :)