Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comic Con part 1: New Friends

So yeah, Comic Con! I'm lazy, and my computer has... problems, so i'm going to report it in chunks.
The first chunk is about new friends ("chunk"+"friends" in the same sentence = great).

Sills and a happy pea! Sills was made by Elizabeth Ito who was selling him and his mini monster kin complete with birth certificate and cozy PETA approved carrier!

The pea came from Conduct Happiness, and opened the door for pea jokes the rest of the day.
"I think I'll take a pea." (when i bought it)
"Look guys! There's pea in my bag!"
(when the pea ripped a seam)"My pea is leaking?"
"Claire, i hope your mom doesn't mind if i bring pea in her car."
"I kinda have to go to the bathroom, but it's okay, i can hold my pea."
The list goes on.

Happy pea!

Sills making friends.

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