Thursday, July 24, 2008

San Diego Comic-Con, guys!
It's totally on.

Be sure to pick up "Who is Rocket Johnson?" (goin' like hot cakes! booth #2302), "Afterworks 3" (booth #1534), and "Scrambled Ink" (at the Dark Horse booth, i think, #2615). Compilations from the talented folks at Disney, Pixar and Dreamworks respectively, proof positive that these dudes and ladies can totally rock the art-making in the off-hours. Flight 5 is looking to be a good time as well (booth #1228). All this with a slew of independent artists' booths that are totally worth checking out.
I've got my panel schedule, shopping list and generous spending budget all set.

Good times, fellows.


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Anne-arky said...

Did you make it into the Lost panel?? I fergetted to ask you on Wednesday. I tried, but waiting in line for MST3K drained my spirit.