Thursday, February 07, 2013

Instablog. Blogstagram

I've become a lazy Artist on the Internet. I've fallen into the trend of "take a picture of your art with your phone then instagram it and post it on facebook!" which makes actually scanning art and posting it elsewhere fall somewhat lower on my totem pole of priorities. But i try to keep facebook as much of a "real friends only" place as possible for me (apologies to anyone who's tried to friend me on there and hasn't heard back, it's really nothing personal) so i should really branch out. To catch the blog up, here's an insta-dump! Mostly meeting doodles, we've been spending a loooot of time in the story room.
If anyone's interested, i'm "lbtreiman" on instagram! AND... i've even started tweeting. I'm @lbtreiman and there's not much there. I'm new and figuring it out. I'm a baby tweeter. A wee twitt :)

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Claudiarts said...

I'm so excited I will have the chance to met you! I'm a De Paul student majoring in animation. I have work and class but I hope to see you @ 6 today! I love your work! Hope i don't make you feel uneasy T_T