Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am the law

First blog post of the new year! It's about Judge Dredd! Last night I watched Judge Dredd 3D (in regular D). I gotta say, i dig it, if only for the color design. All saturated primary colors against dark greys, with occasional pops of secondary colors... i spent most of the movie trying to figure out the film language they were setting up. IN JUDGE DREDD! The movie has bloody, badass, cool going for it and not much else, but really that's all it wants or needs. I dig it.
And yes, i WAS knitting a scarf while i watched it :)

It's 2013 now! Every new years i like to do a first and last drawing of the year, kind of a last gasp of productivity and then a good kick start for the year ahead. Here's mine from this year, goodbye to the year of the dragon, hello year of the snake!

Here's to a great year!


elephantmarchblog said...

LOVE your stuff :)

flaviano said...

hey congrats for your nomination! finger crossed :)