Thursday, December 01, 2011


Some Thanksgiving comics, only about a week late!
I really love thanksgiving. The food is good, and genuinely enjoy coming home and seeing my family. So i'd have to say i'm generally thankful (not just one day, but year-round) for all that and more.

First, mom stories:

And then she pretty much told me it was time to go home. My mom might have some regrets.

The Morning After Thanksgiving stories:

They really only gave me about half a pie to take home, but i did eat all of that by myself over the course of a few hours, starting first thing in the morning.

I am always thankful for pumpkin pie :)


fantabulousdana said...

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS. it made me miss your mom like woah. It also made me wish I hadn't been so unwilling to take home leftovers.

Bethany Craig said...

I ate all of the pie too ... no really I did

lostsailors said...

Oh gaaaaaaaawd, all the pie. So good. That reminds me I have some more pumpkin I want to transform into more pie.

PS I love the lines on these, are you using a different brush pen?