Friday, September 02, 2011

Zombie hero

We've got a new microgallery show at work, and the theme is "Heroes and Villains". Originally it was going to happen around comic-con, but everyone's been working like crazy here so the gallery was pushed back so everyone would have time to do a piece.
I've been reading "World War Z" (which is a completely awesome book), so this is my zombie apocalypse hero.
Alternate title: "Get Away From My Dog, You Z-bag!"

I guess who the hero is and who the villain is depends on whose perspective you're seeing this through. Bear in mind, zombies have no concept of villainy, only "BRAAAINS".


lostsailors said...

Save that puppy, Zombie Hero! Haha, love it.

Heather Dixon said...

Bats never run out of ammo!

Aminder Dhaliwal said...

save the dog! ...nothing scarier than a zombie dog, except maybe a zombie bear