Friday, November 27, 2009

Na naaa nanananana na na na naaana nanana

A little while back, Jason sent me a link to this pattern for a crocheted magnetic katamari ball. I learned to crochet (thanks nicole!) just so i could make this ball.

For a first attempt it came together remarkably well! It was fun to make.

Ride the royal rainbow, little ball!

Yeah! Roll up all that business.

I have some actual art to upload, but trying to get CS4 to run my scan software has been a tiny nightmare.
Has anyone ever installed drivers for a CanoScan LiDE 600F scanner onto a mac and managed to get Photoshop CS4 to recognize the scanner and NOT crash every time you try to scan? i was able to install it no problem for CS2, but the issue for CS4 is it's no longer made with TWAIN plug-ins that are needed to recognize the cannon drivers. i managed to install them, and i can open the scan software in photoshop, but trying to preview the image crashes the whole program. maybe i installed something wrong, or maybe everything's just messed up in general.

blah blah blah. TECHNOLOGY, am i right?


Anonymous said...

CS4 actually still has TWAIN support, its an optional plug-in they left out of the Mac version for some odd reason (it came packaged in the Windows one :-\). Anywho you can get the Mac plug in here:

Another issue might be if you're on Snow Leopard with all of its incompatible drivers glory. I couldn't scan with our Mac at work on SL until canon released a set of new drivers. After I installed them the issue resolved itself. Even if you're not on Snow Leopard, I'd still try updating the drivers anyways if you haven't already. Grab the most current drivers here:

If CS4 is still bugging out, try out Image Capture if you have it:

If all that doesn't work I would write Canon or consult the 'Genius' bar.

Lissa said...

Holy crap, thank you Anonymous tipster! It's totally fixed!

Anonymous said...

No problem, happy to help!

~Sera and Jojo's east coast friend Jason

addtadd said...

i <3 that kata ball! :D