Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day... 18? 19? : Sheeping

I've been really bad about this daily updating. really, really bad. i'd make some excuse about how "i've been tired" or "i've been busy", "i had a headache", "i... just didn't feel like it", but ... well, look at that, four perfectly good excuses!

A while back i had an idea for a comic about a little shepherd who meets another shepherd who has a flock of weird not-sheep.
I stopped working on it because i couldn't think of anything that hadn't already been done.

But i was doodling today (not for Torch Tiger, of course, but for this which is totally irrelevant and doesn't have a pressing deadline) and i came up with an idea. It's a bit... cuter than what i originally wanted to do, but who am i to tell an idea it's wrong when it decides to visit me?

If i'm good there will be at least one St. Patrick's Day themed post before i go to bed! If i'm bad then... i guess there won't be :)

I also need to update my links on the side there. So many more to add! that's not going to happen now, though. i'm going to need to be WAY less lazy to do that.


Randeep Katari said...

Cute drawings.

Seriously though, pretty awesome stuff.

My security word is 'pringl' like the chips...

Team Diana said...

Your failure to follow through on this whole Lent thing is pretty disappointing.

If you wanna be Catholic (and my understanding is that you do) then you need to either drink a lot more, or have a lot more babies.

Moro Rogers said...

Awesome shiny sheep!