Sunday, March 22, 2009


I usually try and avoid posting coffee-shop drawings (largely because mine aren't terribly interesting) but i was hanging out at a place in Burbank this weekend and i kinda liked the look of this page. When i'm not too lazy i try and really get not just gesture or charicature (i really only rarely attempt the latter anyway) but also the way people fit in their environments. Next step is finding compositions within real life settings. Steve's already got a solid handle on that one.
So yeah, coffee people and a doodle of some weird cats.

... i guess you can have more weird cats...

and lastly:
i made myself pancakes for dinner and i am SO PROUD. they're a work of art if i do say so myself. made from scratch! with nutmeg, vanilla and lots of butter. none of this Crisco business, thank you much.

with fresh strawberries! my finest work.


Ryan Green said...

Romancing the Bean is a good place to go for casual drawing. It's a little out of the way and not overly crowded like some of the other places in Burbank. I never noticed the "weird cats" while drawing there, though. O.o Great sketches!

Randeep Katari said...

Those are some kickass cafe sketches! I told you you should post more of 'em!

It's weird that there are two 'you's in that sentence, but hey, what works, works.


Tealin said...

Yay Romancing the Bean! I'm glad they're still open, even if they do make their chai lattes from a powder. :P Comfy place for sketching.

Team Diana said...

Oh man, you ever do banana pancakes? OH MAN OH MAN!

The ones you made look AMAZING!

Emma said...

Those pancakes look almost as good as the drawings. Are you out of forks? Pancakes must be eaten using silverware!