Monday, June 30, 2008

Last fox for foxy monday!

This fox is easily startled. It's not his fault, though. He didn't see it coming.

This is also kind of an experiment to figure out how to get good color settings on my scanner. It's somthing that's been frustrating me. To be fair, i haven't really tried much with it, but i chalk that up to my poor computer, which over heats a lot :(
My poor computer is gettin' old. She's cute and little, though. 12" powerbook G4. 12 inches has been pretty good to me.


Brian said...

Hey, I found you by following the electronic paper trail from Scary Go Round, and I really like your style

the foxes are my background picture now! just wanted to say thanks for a little happiness!

Moro Rogers said...

Wah...So much stuff all of a sudden...
These are really nice! I like the subtle gradations of color!