Friday, May 30, 2008

First off, a big thank you to all of you who stopped by from Scary Go Round! I appreciate all your comments, and appologise that i'm no good at replying to them (laziness coupled with a design flaw in blogger that doesn't allow for direct replies to individual comments). In any case, if you've just stumbled upon this blog be warned that it doesn't update too often. hopefully this will change in the future.
Either way, welcome to all.

Wednesday nights have been designated art nights at our appartment! Beer is imbibed, doodles are drawn and much fun is had by all.
This last wednesday became a sort of draw-eachothers-character night.
Here's Anne's character Squirt. she's part girl and part cat and has to learn to be human:

And Kelly's hipjet girl! She steers with her hips :)

Last weekend i went to South Carolina to see Chen Shi-Zheng, Damon Albarn & Jamie Hewlett's production of Monkey: Journey to the West". Charleston is (at the moment) the only city in the U.S. hosting this production, so i decided to send myself over there. A full account will follow in my next post, when i have more energy and a better grasp of good words to use to form interesting sentances.


Larry Levine said...

Hi Lissa, I discovered your blog this evening, your artwork is outstanding!!!

JoR said...

All your stuff is amazing Lissa!
can't believe my eyes!!!

Alex M. said...

I move and THEN you guys start beer and drawing night?! -_- Makes me a sad panda. I miss you ladies and your wonderful conversations. Also the artwork. I miss the artwork!

(Also, this is what blogspot chose for the word verification letters under this little window: stygqpa.)

Anand said...

I do know your blog! I love it. And drawing with you was super fun :)