Monday, March 10, 2008

Today was a slow day at work. The project we're on just got through a major crunch, and we trainees just had our final review last week (the results of which are still out) so we all got to kick back a little.
Plus i'm FINALLY starting to wrap up my freelance illustration job and clear my conscience up a bit.
This meant that i got to do some "me" art (art for me!) and nicole got to find this awesome book-case chair:
We were trying to balance the chairs pure practical bitchin'-ness with how comfortable it might actually be to sit in (note lack of arm rests). I speculated:


samacleod said...

That is an amazing drawing of an amazing chair, haha! It doesn't look that comfy, but it sure looks super useful. Maybe if all of the books around the arm rest area were filled with those fabric books they make for children!

Seriously awesome drawing. Hope things turn out for all of you at Disney. You all rock!

Heidi Gilbert said...


Sadie Figueroa said...

love your drawing! Can I have a copy, so I can frame it?