Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Went out to Nova Cafe and Molly Malone's with Kelly, Lars and Jojo the other night. Nova is pretty much the coolest place to eat anywhere. It's this little hole in the wall place right in the middle of the Jewish section of Fairfax, and inside it's decked out floor to ceiling in years worth of collected sci-fi decor. Good food, too. After that we went a couple miles down the street to Molly Malone's, the Irish pub where Flogging Molly first got their start as a bar band. It was fun atmosphere, and okay drinks, but the band playing was non-spectacular and after a while people watching got dull. The same people were standing in front of me, or people that LOOKED like the same people were standing in front of me, so i did a little doodling and after about an hour we left. It was fun, though. I kept hearing about that place and i'd always wanted to check it out.
Kelly's gotten wind of another pub a little closer (?) to us, so i think we're going to have to investigate at some point in the future. Bars seem to make for good gesture drawing, a little more so than coffee shops. In coffee shops you get people having conversations, which is good, but they're always sitting. In bars you get people sitting, standing and leaning, and it's also good for drawing groups of people. that's a thing i've never really thought much about before. In life drawing classes you usually get one person on their own, but not much opportunity to draw them physically interacting with another person.
In any case, my gesture drawing skills have gotten flabby, and it helps me stay in shape.
Similarly, my body has also gotten flabby. i need to get THAT into shape. I bought some bright blue exercise pants :)


Kelly said...

one more good thing about drawing in bars.
You can drink.

It helps you loosen up.

Munchanka said...

Next time I come down there, we're going. And they better serve blue milk.