Thursday, June 07, 2007

Just some doodles from sick-ville. You know, being sick when you're a kid is great because you can just sit around and watch t.v. (unless you had parents that were of the mind that if you're too sick to go to school then you're too sick to watch t.v. which makes absolutely NO sense). But when you're an adult and don't have cable it totally sucks. I've... been watching a lot of 'Buffy'.
On the other hand, it give me plenty of time to get ready for the CharDes challenge!

Picked up a copy of The Rabbi's Cat when i pre-ordered my copy of Harry Potter Book 7. I first saw this at a comic book store in Berkely last summer and wrestled with buying it for a while. A month or so ago a friend of mine left a copy of Vampire Loves in Jason's appartment and one by one we all read it and fell in love with it. Once i realized that The Rabbi's Cat was by the same guy i had to go out and get it. Joann Sfar is great, i reccomend anything he's done.

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