Thursday, February 16, 2012

First world problems: EXTREME HOME EDITION

On my day off I took my car in to get fixed (LIKE A GROWNUP!), walked home from the car place (didn't plan that out super well, but at least the weather was great today!), baked some bread and... this happened:

I gave that ornery wine bottle what-for by chugging the rest of what didn't wind up in my carpet.
The experience has taught me that you can fit approximately one whole bottle of wine into a roll of paper towels.


Evernon said...

I love this.

Tony Unser said...

A problem solver you are ;)

*daisy said...

ha ha ha! How does that even happen!? Love it! : D hope it didn't stain the carpet tho!

bhashkar-revitservices said...

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