Friday, January 06, 2012

Return of the King comics

I got The Lord of the Rings trilogy on blue-ray a while back and i finally started watching them before christmas. Last night i finished it off with Return of the King. I grew up with my dad reading those books to me, and the movies were a pretty big part of the backdrop of my high school/early college years. Every time i watch those movies it's like a nice, warm, nostalgia blanket.

I made some comics!
I'd forgotten about that wave of skulls.

And then the cursed ghosts help them win a war. Hooray!
If this comic was a lesson in drawing Aragorn's mustache (or composing things in comics panels) i'm not sure how much i really learned.

I feel like this was one of the jokes my nerd crew and i had. We have a lot of jokes about Lord of the Rings. Now this joke is a comic.

(i may have chopped the wrong finger off the wrong hand here. OOPS)

Who's excited about The Hobbit! I know i am.
I'll leave you with this gem:


Tony Unser said...

Hilarious comics, still funny even if it is the wrong hand:D Totaly psyched about the new Hobbit movie!

tiffannysketchbook said...

hehe i didn't notice the "wrong" hand until you mentioned it. That's funny!!

Claire said...

*snf* MEMORIES, LISSA. Fond memories.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Hahaha! I recently re-watched the LOTR trilogy...these are fantastic.

Hermano Lucas P. da Silva said...

I googled "Space Lion", because i wanted some images from Cowboy Bebop episodes that play that song, and discovered your painting on deviantART, what have consequently brought me to your blog and... That's really awesome! I can't believe that you've done Lord of the rings comics, it's a fantastic job what you made.

Greetings from Brazil!