Friday, June 10, 2011

Hunger Games

I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy recently. They're classified as "young adult" but basically everyone i know kept talking about them and i figured i should see what the fuss was about before the movie came out.
It's a fast read, but that's partly because the action is so captivating. Katniss is a really strong female protagonist and through the books you get to witness her very human reactions to some truly horrifying circumstances. In my opinion (and i guess everyone else's) the first book is totally awesome, and then the others less so, but i was compelled to keep reading because i had to know how it all ended!
Anyway, one day i found myself trying to doodle the characters. Mostly i was trying to get Foxface Girl, who's not even featured all that much in the book, i just had an image in my head i was trying to get down. That's Katniss on the right. Each drawing is me trying to find the right face; like, that first Katniss wasn't quite right, but i like the look of the second one.

(note: nothing here depicts actual story points, so this post is certified spoiler-free!)
It wasn't until i'd scribbled out this page that i remembered that Foxface doesn't actually have knives (or even a pack, i think). I just thought they worked well for her. I also thought it would be neat if she wrapped her jacket sleeves in bandages or something, since she's all sneaky like a ninja :)


Ramona said...

I love these books! Almost done the third one now. I totally know what you mean about fox face. I have a very destinct picture of her in my mind and I really liked her for some reason. Most of the characters look specific in my mind, and it frustrates me that the casting for the movie is so different. Anyway, I wanted to draw some of the characters too. Ill let you know when I do that if you are interested. :)

Brittney Williams said...

Awesome illustrations, supposedly there's a live-action movie underway!

Chris Battle said...

I know nuthin' 'bout Hunger Games, but these are awesome.

Xavier Yabut said...

I really like the dynamic poses of your characters, great work!

lostsailors said...

I read Hunger Games for the same reasons! I quite enjoyed the series, I'm curious to see what they do with the movies.

Harley-James Ross said...

Totally agree- in my opinion the second book was so-so (apart from the kewl new characters) and the third book blew hard (apart from the true-false game which is potentially horrific). Foxface looks foxy like those drawings of kitsune but your first Katniss looks like she has a five o'clock shadow due to pencil lines hehe. Nice work!