Friday, September 17, 2010

Apple Pie

Earlier this year Girls Drawin' Girls put out our third art book! It was the first i'd had the opportunity to contribute to since joining the group, and it's always exciting to see your own work in print :)
The theme was desserts, i chose apple pie (one of my favorite desserts) and did two pieces that are both featured in the book. Vol. III: Sugar and Spice is still available for purchase for $25!

These are the pieces i did! I'm lucky enough to say both the originals have sold :)

Both pieces were done in watercolor, with acrylic for the highlights and tones (plus a little digital touch-up). A while back Bill Pressing posted this tutorial to his blog and i'd always wanted to try it. Doing tones first in acrylic is a lifesaver and gives you WAY more control! I'm now officially a fan of it.

I've also posted art here for something called the Micro Gallery. It's a small gallery space we've set up ourselves at work. It has it's own blog now where all the past shows are being documented (to the best of our provided photo ability) leading up to... (drumroll)... our first ever show at Gallery Nucleus! It's a great venue and the first time we'll have a chance to have a show open to the public. It'll be a bunch of us from Disney, plus artists from Dreamworks and Pixar.
It'll be fun on a bun!


Adam Knight said...

These are really awesome and inspiring! Thanks for sharing some of your work. I've heard of girls drawings girls but haven't had a chance to check it out, so thanks for the link.

Will you or girls drawing girls be at CTN this year?

Reagan Lodge said...

Amazing work, Lissa. These watercolors are utterly fabulous.

Team Diana said...

Yay, I'm glad you're posting again!

Semi-Imperfect Role Model for Superheroes and Other Super Things ("Have no fear, imagination is here!") said...

wow these are FANTASTIC!!!! I love the imaginative details: hearts in the vapor and chalkboard expressive movement...there's so much going on, lovely! thanks for sharing

Genevieve Tsai said...

I love your designs and your watercolors are fantastic!!