Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Did this last week for fun, but never got around to scanning it. i'm thinking that's kind of a trend with me. i feel more like this this week than when i painted it, so i suppose it's for the best, really :)


Nathaniel MacDonald said...

Uh, hello! I used to follow you on deviantART, back when that place still seemed relevant. I thought your work was quite excellent back then, but you disappeared from my radar. It wasn't until I was revisiting the Scary Go Round archives and saw your bit with Gibbous Moon and Desmond that I recalled how much I used to enjoy your doodlings and oaths of Hellboy appreciation.

Apparently, I've been pretty out of the loop. The loop gave a bad whirl and I was violently jettisoned from it. But the neat bit here is that I get to go back and dig through your old drawings and comics and stuff. Whoo!

And you're a story artist for Disney now? That's a mudslide o' cool right there (a coolslide?). I can't wait to see some of the stuff you've been up to. Anyway, hope all's well for you. This painting is rad.

Thank you.

Lenten Addict said...

You are very talented!

Munchanka said...

She's gonna catch a cold. ;)

Nice drawing, Lissa!

BEA said...

Beautiful....really beautiful!!!