Friday, December 25, 2009

Just a jewish girl on xmas

I didn't get around to doing a Hanukkah comic this year, so i did a Christmas comic, why not? This is what good little Jewish kids get xmas morning.

I tried making sugar cookies last night, and they turned into Tasty Butter Lumps. each one is a heart attack waiting to happen, but i just keep eating them.
Sorry for the bad scan, that one spot on my scanner seemed determined to be blurry and who was i to tell it to conform?
I also... don't know any korean and just kind of had to... wing it for that word balloon, so... apologies there as well.

As the fine folks at Penny Arcade put it, "I hope that whatever phenomenon best epitomizes your native winterfest is in plentiful supply."
Couldn't have said it better myself :)


Lindsey Lydecker said...

If you published your amazing water color comics into a comic book. I'd buy at least 20. Two for me and the rest for friends and family. POST MORE PLEASE!! :)

Lindsey Lydecker said...

oh and merry christmas.

dimitri frazao said...

Sweet watercolors!

Noel Belknap said...

i love the way you draw yourself. so freaking cute!