Friday, October 30, 2009

Mummy spies the candy!

Halloween is almost upon us! I'm all about the mummies this year.

I did this for round two of the Micro Gallery we've set up at work. "Micro" because all the artwork is approximately 6"x6" or less and... our space is really small. Photos from the opening of the first micro gallery (courtesty of Brian Kesinger):

All proceeds from the first gallery went to buy us a lovely bar (it's name is "Barsheba", or at least that's what i'm going to keep calling it until it sticks)! Proceeds from our Halloween show are going to charity.


Tealin said...

Aw man, this second-floor loser isn't even cool enough to know where the gallery is, much less hear about any actual events ...

(I like 'Barsheba')

Kendra Melton said...

That's so awesome. How did you guys get all the little frames?