Sunday, August 09, 2009


This is a half-post/half-promotion for the upcoming Girls Drawing Girls show at Meltdown Comics here in L.A.! It's a pretty awesome venue, and it's the first gallery show i'll be participating in so i'm pretty excited. Come check us out if you're in the area!

Here's one of the three pieces i'll have up. They're all original watercolor and they're all for sale (shameless promotion!).

And here's a sneak peak at the other two (preserving the air of mystery!):


Randeep Katari said...

These are freaking WICKED. The Koalas are cool...and oddly freaky.


Destiny Wood said...

wow, I love it. I would hang those drawings up on my wall.

Amanda said...

I really like your water colour stuff. I think I might try doing some..

Chris Battle said...