Thursday, February 26, 2009

double-negative Lent: day 2

So a friend of mine (i can never remember the level of discretion she chooses to keep with her real name) has resolved to post a drawing a day. This is a thing i have always said "huh, i should do that, sounds simple enough" but have never done. So i've decided that i'm giving up NOT doing it for Lent! I have never observed Lent before. I'm not even catholic. but this seemed like a good excuse for a short-term goal, and who knows, maybe it will be habit forming.

So here's my post for the second day (counting yesterday's post as the first):

It's a space sheep.
I remember hearing once that back in the day, before space travel was developed and people were starting to speculate what went on in space (in an early scientific sense) some people theorized that there were sheep on the moon. I haven't been able to verify the source of this story. Granted i heard it in a CalArts critical studies class, so it's veracity is questionable at best, still, i like the idea of sheep on the moon.
I think this one pooped out that little star*.

*see, jason, i still got poop in there somehow.


Jason said...

I saw the image first and was totally going to ask if the sheep just pooped out a star. But apparently you beat me to it. ;_;

Meekohi said...

Yay more pictures!

InhabitantJ said...

You make me wish I could get prints from you art conventions.