Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Until i finish my film this year, this is going to be more or less a film progress blog, because lord knows i can't really do much else these days!
Middle of February and i'm forgin' on ahead into backgrounds. Two weeks on backgrounds, I'll have about a month to make an animatic, scan, edit, and fully animate what i can, then two more weeks for sound.
Here are some designs for the gas station logo. Yeah flying fossil feuls!

And THESE are all the boards i've done on the the film so far.
They're all thumbnails, not necessarily in order and not all of them will be used. But there's a fat stack of these sitting in my cube, so i thought i'd spread 'em all out and take a look at 'em.

I'm pretty much freakin' out. Like if i had another semester to work on this i think i'd be able to get it done the way i'd like it. I'd like it to be in color, i'd like it to have totally badass lighting, i'd like it to be fully animated. I'd want it to have it's own original score, and i'd like time to really get the hang of doing some cool photo composites for my backgrounds.
I do not have time for any of these things :)
I will probably have to settle for some cool backgrounds and some alpha-channelled story-telling poses... at best.


Friday, February 09, 2007

It's really, really tough to board a sequence of someone playing a musical instrument and still keep in interesting.
Unless that instrument is an air guitar. That's almost always interesting.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The A stands for "Ass"

Bank of America is pretty much terrible. I mean, they're fine as long as you never overdraft. Or need to talk to a real person over the phone... or the internet. Or have any sort of problem. As long as you are a person for whom problems never. EVER. occur, then you're fine.
I am not such a person. Long story short, BY NO FAULT OF MY OWN my checking statements were being sent to Pixar for the past six months .
So yeah, extra-embarassing. Plus some wierd restriction had been placed on my card seemingly for NO REASON AT ALL.
I went in to Bank of America to straighten the whole buisness out, ready to punch some heads in. The lady teller i talked to was very nice and solved all my problems and suffice it to say i'm not quite as upset as i was when i drew this.

I'm totally still switching to Washington Mutual, though.