Thursday, February 01, 2007

The A stands for "Ass"

Bank of America is pretty much terrible. I mean, they're fine as long as you never overdraft. Or need to talk to a real person over the phone... or the internet. Or have any sort of problem. As long as you are a person for whom problems never. EVER. occur, then you're fine.
I am not such a person. Long story short, BY NO FAULT OF MY OWN my checking statements were being sent to Pixar for the past six months .
So yeah, extra-embarassing. Plus some wierd restriction had been placed on my card seemingly for NO REASON AT ALL.
I went in to Bank of America to straighten the whole buisness out, ready to punch some heads in. The lady teller i talked to was very nice and solved all my problems and suffice it to say i'm not quite as upset as i was when i drew this.

I'm totally still switching to Washington Mutual, though.

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