Sunday, November 04, 2007

I'm doing work at work, and I've got a freelance illustration job that's been riding my back since September, which all adds up to a very empty sketchbook and not much "me" art at all this past month.
So i said to myself,
"Lissa," i says, "you've gotta do some art for you or you're going to lose it"
To which i replied "okay".
Sketch and inks that i'll color at some point:

I tried to research motorcycles, i really did. I came out with kind of a mish-mash in the end, but i'll just throw caution to the wind and call it a "chopper", because that's what this drawing's all about :)


fishbot said...

i like it i cant wait to see it colored.

Cooked Art said...

This is great!

Heidi Gilbert said...

Pretty Awesome!!

Emma said...

For some reason in this drawing it's the shape of the heels that gets me. So slick!

Paolo Maddaleni said...

Wow, wonderfull!!
i like your drawing!!