Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The vacation's over. back to work! I didn't draw much at all while i was home. I sat on my parents couch and watched t.v. and it was glorious. Now my hand is rested and ready to draw!

I removed the last post. Apparently it kept attracting blog spam. Anyone know how to deal with that? I delete them as soon as i get them, but... how do you keep from getting them?


JeP said...

I really like how you composite your drawings in photos. Simple, but really well done, as your style is. I really like it (this left foot is great ^^).

amelia said...

To block spammers you've got to go to your blog preferences...somewhere under your template i think (or around there) and you select an option that says allow "word verification" in the comments section...then people who want to leave a comment will just have to type in the letters they see in a picture below the comment box. Spam can't get past that!

Alex M. said...

Blog Spam! Check out Spam! It's totally Spammy!

( does not officially endorse the use, or ingestion of Spam, Spam-like foods and McDonald's "meat")


Emma said...

I like the toes. Tense pulled back toes FTW!

I liked the earlier one maybe a little better - looked more Lissa-y and less Hewlett-y. You gonna do the photos, or still playing around with bgs?