Wednesday, February 22, 2006


So at calarts we've got a class... Math as Art.
Now i dropped out of math halfway through my junior year of high school. Not that i was bad at it or didn't get it, i just couldn't stand sitting through it. Physics is applied mathematics, and i could take that, but otherwise, it's just numbers. While i've come to realise that numbers and the laws of mathematics are as fascinating as the mysteries of he universe, high school math teachers just don't take the time to show you that.
it would just be wasted on most of the high school crowd anyway.
anyhoo, this class here... after so many art classes and so many bullshit art-related classes a basic pre-calc class is kind of refreshing. i've found myself drawing in class and trying to be sneaky about it, just like old times, only now nobody really cares. i'll have my notebook laid just over my sketchbook so that i can still draw but look like i'm taking notes.
it feels really great :)

afterall, who says math can't be fun?

A couple months old, but for lack of anything better to upload, here are some mermaids.

Kelly knows where the truth is. It's right here. THIS is where the truth is.


Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Beautiful mermaid!

Emma said...

Yeah, I really like the mermaid.

Also Kelly and jojo.

But one thing weirds me out, and that is that there are noses on all your drawings now. What happened to the Lissa I knew??

lissa said...

she grew some noses.
i.... i'm sorry emma. this is just who i am now.
i'm sorry if you can't accept that :*(

M.R. said...

I looked through all of your works.
I am really a fan of strips of your self they are quite :D