Thursday, December 16, 2010


I pitched a sequence today. This wasn't it (but i wish it was).

I also don't pitch with a stick and paper. Most of us work digitally (or at least scan drawings and pitch digitally), but there're still a handful of board artists who pitch old-school. Sometimes it's simpler. I do have a pitch stick at my desk... you know, for emergencies*.

*zombie attacks

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Over Thanksgiving "Tangled" had a really great opening weekend! I've been hearing a lot of positive responses to it. A huge thanks to everyone who's gone out to see it so far and helped make it a success. It was soooo exciting to have been able to be involved in this film.
Here's some of the work i did! Some of it stayed in the final film, some of it was cut, some of it was handed off to other board artists after i'd worked on it, but that's the way it goes! We had a great crew, and i had a lot of fun.

In theaters nooowwww!

And once again: MICROGALLERY SHOW!